Local Cultures in Global Settings

Date: 20 April Place: Milan Design Week
Venue: Iris Ceramic Group Flagship Store
Format: Presentation of the event series and of he contest
Panel Discussion:
Moderates: UAE Modern
- Khalid Shafar
- Abeer Seikaly
- Lidewij Edelkoort

Dubai and the gulf are foremost expressions of the new global setting, a synthesis of the multicultural nature of which it is made up. How then, multiculturalism influences the context and how, in turn, the single cultural identities are influenced by the context? Should we look at this com- penetration to capture the very nature of the transformations that occur in fast emerging countries? Can design generate new meaning by unweaving the threads that in the past interwined individual cultures, locally available resources, and technical knowledge, and by reassembling them in a process that incorporates current societal needs, knowledge, and new technologies? The invited speakers will share their achievements and will discuss on the challenges, constraints and opportunities that can unfold from an inclusive approach that allows the local and the global to nurture each other.