PIAM 2021

Creditis: Gli Ori, contemporary publishers for the cover image of the volume VIVA. Ceramica arte libera di Irene Biolchini

Art Award Iris Ceramica Group Foundation

FIRST edition of the International Art Award dedicated to ceramic production

Winners of Contest

Culture is one of the founding values of Iris Ceramica Group’s mission, from which the Foundation evolved. Its ongoing aim is to support new forms of creative and cultural research, and to build a future in which knowledge and awareness are the guardians of progress. 

The Foundation aims to increase institutional activity carried out thus far, by increasing support for Italian and overseas talent and providing - as indicated in the Statute - a significant contribution to ideas and projects which represent an opportunity for sustainable development for the country and for the growth of society combined with the preservation of “ceramic know-how”. The award aims to recognize the ongoing contribution that contemporary art and design make to research, by promoting the best voices on the current scene and pursuing trends and potential paths for development. For this reason, the Award is divided into two sections:
under 25 and over 25. 

The under 25 section is aimed at students enrolled in AFAM institutions, highlighting the major importance of Italian artistic education and showcasing the ongoing interest in research and experimentation that Iris Ceramica Group has always encouraged. An effective way to foster diverse Italian institutions dedicated to training young talent.
The over 25 section, on the other hand, is aimed at artists and designers who have decided to work with ceramics, enabling them to produce a piece of work or prototype. In this way, Iris Ceramica Group has chosen to invest in design and artistic endeavor, enabling participants to develop new ideas, instead of rewarding what already exists. This last aspect is a novelty in international art awards. Iris Ceramica Group believes that ideas are the fundamental starting point on which to build new partnerships and develop talent.

The best projects will be displayed alongside the winning artworks in its Milan flagship store, and potentially exhibited in the Group’s international stores. A way to familiarize a wider audience with art, design and creativity, aligning access to Iris Ceramica Group’s production line with the latest forms of contemporary experimentation.

Winners of Contest